458 Spider
The Spider 458 at test by Fernando Alonso, who will be presented at the IAA Frankfurt next Tuesday. Scuderia Ferrari racer to enjoy the potential of 8-cylinder engine mid-rear of thePrancing Horse - with the hard top and is equipped with the content of the same technologyas the most advanced multi-awarded 458 Italy and now available in an "en plein air" version- on the road -roads around Maranello.

Alonso said after riding very satisfied with the perfect combination of high performance,superb handling and sound machines capable of delivering 458 Spider.


A racing car manufacturer Ferrari launched is very suitable for those of you who let us review the brave soul and strength surgical ...

The Spider 458 which recently joined with 458
Italy, widening the range of mid-rear engined Ferrari V8s
and solutions offer the same technology without compromise,
handling and performance in an open configuration of smooth.
It is equipped with a patented Ferrari, fully retractable hard
above, the world's first for a sports car with a lay-out.
Spider is powered by a Ferrari 458 naturally-aspirated,
direct-injection 4.5 liters V8 engine that was nominated for 2011
International Engine of the Year for engineering excellence
in terms of driveability, economic performance, and repair.
Power is transferred to the road with class-leading Ferrari
dual-clutch F1 paddle-shift transmission through
E-Diff sophisticated, itself integrated with the F1-Trac
traction control and ABS high-performance for maximum handling
the dynamics. learn more Download



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